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Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum or Jasminum sambac)

physical, emotional, spiritual

Emotional/Spiritual Aspects
Jasmine is good for women who want to find and utilize their strength of character and purpose without losing their feminine side. It is appropriate for men who want to find and utilize their strength of character and purpose while developing their sensitivity and caring. Historically and in many religious traditions, jasmine flowers symbolize hope, happiness, and love.

Physical Aspects
Because of its powerful effect on the emotions and hormones, jasmine is often effective for a very long list of physical, mental, and emotional disorders. Jasmine, either as a single or as an ingredient in a blend, is often used for hormone balancing, menstrual cramps, and PMS. Jasmine is used during childbirth to strengthen the contractions, and at the same time, ease the intensity of the pain. Jasmine is excellent in skin care products because it increases elasticity. It is often used to prevent or minimize stretch marks. Consistent use of jasmine essential oil can reduce scarring. Jasmine soothes irritating coughs and relieves hoarseness and laryngitis. It is also beneficial for muscle strains, sprains, and stiffness.

General Information
Jasmine grandiflorum and jasmine sambac are very similar in aroma and therapeutic use. Grandiflorum blooms in the early morning and the sambac variety blossoms late in the evening. This strength at the end of the day subtly affects the properties of the sambac oil. It is particularly appealing to those
who tend to work late into the evening—or would do so if they only had the energy left to match their desire.

Ingredient In
Exhilaration, WomanWise, Expressions, Moonlight

Therapeutic Properties
antidepressant, stimulant, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, sedative

Affinity For
Respiratory, skin, hormones, yang energy, heart chakra, triple warmer, crown chakra

Plant family

Part Utilized

Aromatic Considerations
Jasmine has a beautiful fragrances. It is a heavy, exotic, sensual, and soothing essential oil. The aroma of jasmine is multi-faceted; much more so than most essential oils. It speaks to the soul of both femininity and core strength. Jasmine is an absolute rather than distilled essential oils. All absolutes, because of their concentration and intensity, should be evaluated in extremely small quantities. Large amounts of these oils can overcome the receptor sites in the nose. The complexity of the fragrance, especially the rare and exotic notes, become entirely lost to our sense of smell.

Jasmine should be diluted (a drop or two is sufficient for any application) and massaged onto any area of the body.

Information and statements regarding essential oils have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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