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Savings starting at:

$4.63/oz – Lavender
$3.35/oz – Lemongrass
$3.55/oz – Rosemary

Buy in Bulk and Save 30-59% off Retail

Essential Oil Blends Pricelist *
Single Oils Pricelist (coming soon)

All our essential oils are offered at 10% off in a variety of sizes. When you buy in bulk, from 2 oz to 16 oz, the cost of the product decreases considerably.  We are able to offer such a discount because the overhead is less, i.e. there is less to bottle, label, etc.  Want me to crunch the numbers for you?  The diagram below shows how Deliverance, one of our most popular oils and comparable to Young Living’s Thieves, is cheaper in bulk – ounce for ounce.

Savings starting at:

$9.45/oz – Good-Nite
$9.45/oz – Sunburst
$12.00/oz – Patches

20% off Wholesale Membership
If you are a massage therapist, energy therapist, or natural product manufacturer and will be buying products in bulk, we have a wholesaler program you may be interested in.  Order $300 or more of products in a single order and you will receive a wholesaler number to enter for an additional 10% discount each time you place an order thereafter.  That’s 20% off retail, in addition to the great bulk savings.

Please note the following:

  • With over 200 products, we currently only offer 2 oz and 4 oz bottles through our website.  If you would like larger bottles, call/text me at 714-244-7477 and I will add the sizes/prices you want to the oil’s webpage so you can order it.  (Just a bit of programming cod-e.)
  • The 10 oz and 2 oz bottles come with a plastic dripper in them. The 4 oz or larger bottles do not have a dripper because the bottle “mouth” is larger.

*Adobe Acrobat needed

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