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Customer Service » Common Questions

1.  I am mainly interested in your blends.  Do you have an at-a-glance blends reference*?

2.  I have a specific condition I want to address.  What oils should I use?  Click here* for oil recommendations

3.  What are and how do I use oils for girls, women, and mothers with their various issues?
Read this*

(*Adobe Acrobat required)

4.  How do I use essential oils?

Suggestions and Practical Uses

  • Pour a small amount of carrier or massage oil in to the palm of your hand; add 1-4 drops of essential oil and apply to the area of concern or use to massage feet or body. Then cup your hands over your mouth and nose.  Inhale deeply.
  • If using more than one oil, layer them on – one after the other.
  • Add oil to distilled water to wash wounds, grazes, and cuts.
  • Make a compress
  • Add oil to a full bath or a foot bath
  • Add a few drops of oil to shampoo or conditioner
  • Use as a gargle
  • Use on a toothbrush
  • Add oil to the washer, dryer (fabric sheet), dishwasher
  • Diffuse using a commercial diffuser
  • Place on a cotton ball and clip to a fan or vent
  • Take a whiff directly out of the bottle
  • Place a few drops on your pillow at night (some oils will stain)
  • Place drops of oil in a bowl of hot water and inhale.
  • Place oil in a glass jar of water placed on a candle warmer.
  • Mist a room to eliminate odors

5.  What cautions should I be aware of?  click here* for in depth advice

  1. Quality essential oils are powerful substances and should be treated with respect.  They are highly concentrated plant extracts; 1 drop is equivalent to at least one ounce of plant material.
  2. When working with babies, small children, pregnant women, someone with a history of drug abuse or who is taking a potent prescription medication, pay close attention to the cautions listed in the oil description.  ALWAYS dilute the oils well using a carrier oil or distilled water.
  3. Begin slowly and with small amounts, building up to the amounts that are best for your personal use.
  4. Do not take essential oils internally.  There is really no need to do so.  They quickly absorb into the body and into the blood stream through the skin and the airways. They are strong enough to cause potential irritation to the digestive system.
  5. Some essential oils may trigger a ‘cleanse’ in the body; treat as you would any other situation of this type.


  • Cheryl Eagleston

    I just purchased Clove EO and also empty some capsules to put it in. I was wondering how many drop I should put in the capsule for cataracts to take internally. Also, can I mix it with some olive oil and put it right into my eye?
    Cheryl Eagleston

  • I am new to essential oils by being introduced to Young Living Oils. My question is why can you ingest Young Living and not Butterfly Oils? Also, why is it recommended to use a carrier oil at all times and not with Young Living oils? Since you have a comparable list I am hoping to get an honest answer.

    Thank You! :-)

    • I can’t say it any better then LaRee, so here is a quote of LaRee Westover from her book on Essential Oils.
      These oils can be ingested, however we do not wish to recommend it because of what she teaches.
      “The oral ingestion of essential oils is another matter altogether. I do not recommend the taking of essential
      oils internally. The proponents of internal ingestion will tell you that when serious overdoses (meaning death)
      have occurred it was either deliberate on the part of the person or was an accident with a child. The death of
      a child is always a tragedy and being accidental does not mitigate that. In addition, the “accidents” I have read
      of with children would be better termed “criminal stupidity”. When a substance is making a child seriously ill
      it is time to stop using it and find an appropriate antidote and a way to cope with the overdose! Nevertheless,
      because essential oils are very concentrated, enough of an overdose to cause illness and harm to a child with
      internal use would be very easy to accomplish. Even with an adult, a great deal of caution and thought should
      be taken.” You can read the rest of her explanation here.
      As for the carrier oil, she has an entire chapter explaining them. I would recommend thoroughly reading her book. It teaches us so much about the reason behind these oils, and each ones medicinal and therapeutic use.

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