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Compare to Relieve It, a Young Living Essential OilSale!

$18.00 From: $16.20

Warm Down
Warm Down
Compare to Aroma Siez, a Young Living Essential Oil. Helpful for tight, tired, sore, strained muscles; torn ligaments; muscle spasms; calcium absorption; fatigue, stress.Sale!

$16.00 From: $14.40

Pepper, Black (Piper nigrum)
Pepper, Black (Piper nigrum)
Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic. Good for endocrine gland, energy, immune system, nervous system, oxygen, sports injury, sprains, stamina, strain.Sale!

$15.00 From: $13.50

Chaulmoogra  (Hydnocarpus laurifolia)
Chaulmoogra (Hydnocarpus laurifolia)
Good for bruises, leprosy, skin pigmentation, sores, sprainsSale!

$8.75 From: $7.87

Cinnamon Berry  (Cinnamomum polyandrum)
Cinnamon Berry (Cinnamomum polyandrum)
Effective for appetite, arthritis, circulation, headache, indigestion, insomnia, joints, muscles, nervous tension, sprains, stressSale!

$10.50 From: $9.45

Idaho Tansy  (Tanacetum vulgare)
Idaho Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)
Good for anger, anti-histamine, antibacteria, antibacterial, antiviral, anxiety, bowels, convulsions, depression, heart, hormone stimulant, hysteria, impulses, infections, irritability, joints, kidney, liver, lungs, muscles, nerve disorder, respiratory, sprains, vascularSale!

$26.25 From: $23.62

Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum or Jasminum sambac)
Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum or Jasminum sambac)
Useful for childbirth, cough, hormone balance, laryngitis, muscles, skin care, sprains, stiff, strains, and stretch marks.Sale!

$57.00 From: $51.30

Redmond Clay
Redmond Clay
Very useful for digestive problems of all kinds, acne, allergies, athlete’s foot, bruises, cuts/sores, detox, diabetes, skin problems, heavy metals, hiatel hernia, infections, insect bites/stings, parasites, injuriesSale!

$11.25 $10.00