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Comparable Oils

In an effort to bring you high quality essential oils at an affordable price, we have compiled this list of oil blends that are comparable to Young Living’s and DoTERRA’s oil selections. Please let us know how you like them. If there is anything we can do to help you, let us know.

DoTERRA Cross Reference Sheet – Click Here

*Young Living®
Butterfly Express Oils
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Raindrop Technique Collection – 10 oils Therapy Kit – 10 oils
3 wise men Magi
Abundance Bountiful
Acceptance Acknowledge
Aroma Life Vitality
Aroma Siez Warm Down
Awaken Everlasting
Brain Power IQ
Citrus Fresh Sunburst
Clarity Crystal Clear
Di-Tone Inside-Out
Dragon Time Woman Wise
Dream Catcher Dreams
En-r-gee Energy
EndoFLex Endo Relief
Envision Discernment
Exodus II Journey
Forgiveness Trust
Gathering Inner Peace
Gentle Baby Baby Me
Gratitude Grateful Heart
Grounding Connection
Harmony Unity
Hope Whispering Hope
Humility Faith
ImmuPower Life Force
Inner Child Insight
Inspiration Meditation
Into the Future Tomorrow
Joy Heart Song
Juva Flex Revitalize
Live with Passion Exhilaration
Longevity Eternity
Magnify Your Purpose Focus
Melrose Mela Plus
Mister Balance
Motivation Assurance
M-Grain My-graine
Ortho Ease Tenda Care
PanAway® Paine
Peace and Calming® Tranquility
Present Time Wisdom
Purification Purify
R.C. Aspire
Raven Breezey
Release Letting Go
Relieve It Deeper
Sacred Mountain Sanctuary
Sara Angel
Serenity Solitude
Surrender Vision
Thieves® Deliverance or Spice C
Trauma Life Turmoil
Valor® Millenia
White Angelica Benediction

* All names in the left column are sold by Young Living Essential Oils™ (Lehi, UT), and are registered trademarks of Aromatic Research Technology D.B.A. Young Living.  Butterfly Express is not affiliated in any way with Young Living.


  • Bountiful- smells “divine”
    Connection had a instant grounding effect on my energy systems
    Heart song- created a uplifting and heart expanding effect which kept me smiling for hours.
    Meditation- created a wonderful sacred space for my Psychic Readings assisting my clients with clarity during their treatments.

    I use young living oils in my treatments and butterfly oils are definately comparable on all levels with their oils however much more affordable.
    I highly recommend them.

    Warm Regards

    • I’m so glad to hear you are pleased with their quality! I am an energy therapist myself and use them often in my work. Beyond the high standards used in the creation of Butterfly Express essential oils, I believe the intent behind their production and distribution really heightens their energy and thus their effectiveness. Read this post to learn more. Thank you for the kind comments!

  • Do you also have a comparison list for doterra oils?

  • Do you have a comparison list for Eden Gardens

  • Does Butterfly Express have something similar to Progressence?

    • Sorry I’ve looked up in both Young Living and doTerra for that oil blend to see what we have that might compare, and could not find it listed in either. Could you tell me which single oils that blend contains? Or perhaps what it’s uses are for? Then I can find our product that best matches it.

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