Be Prepared: Flu Season is here

Whether it is a fever and a running nose, a cough and congestion, a headache and sinus pressure, or digestive difficulties, the flu bug can hit us and hit us hard.  We find ourselves reaching for anything to shut off the irritating symptoms without much success at actually getting better.  There is another way.  Instead of taking acetaminophen, psuedoepinephrine, or other common flu drugs, which do little for healing and even harm the process, reach for an essential oil.

Essential oils will aid the body in doing what it is trying to do:  fight off and clear out the bug.  The body at war!  Send in the best recruitments and aid possible.  When you do so, you get better faster and fortify yourself against further attacks.  When dealing with any illness, always treat the symptoms as the root of the problem.  (Isn’t it interesting how the flu tends to affect people differently?)  The body will always tell you what needs to be focused on and attended too.  Listen to it.

Plants, especially herbs, have healthful properties. Essential oils are captured from nature using careful steam distillation.  One pound of plant material then becomes

one ounce of pure, therapeutic essential oil.  Based on your need, you can probably find an essential oil for it.  Essential oils blended together produce very powerful yet gentle oils because the oils work synergistically together to produce even better results.  Below you can find essential oil blends that make it easy to get results without an in depth knowledge of specific “single” essential oils (like peppermint or coriander).

Recommended Essential Oils
Therma Care was specifically designed to aid in gently reducing the very high fevers we have been seeing with these high-powered and quick-onset flu ‘bugs.’ Safe for children. The peppermint in it helps reduce pain (including headaches) while the coriander gives strength both during an illness and during the convalescent stages.
Deliverance is considered to be anti-viral as well as anti-bacterial.
Daily use of this oil can boost the immune system and keep it functioning at optimum levels. An inhaler with Deliverance should be used frequently throughout the day to “refresh” the body’s defenses. Alternatively, distill it in the air to kill airborne bacteria in the home, especially during the flu season or if someone in the family is ill. Endo Relief helps the lymphatic system continue to drain and to keep toxins and dying bacteria from over-whelming tissues and cells. This oil is also very helpful during the recovery stages of serious illness because it is designed to strengthen and re-balance the endocrine system as a whole.  It also shortens the time you may be sick.  The sooner you use it, the better.

Breezey and Aspire are always good to support and open the respiratory system.  Imagine the system being clogged up like a bad toilet.  These two work like the snake or rooter to the respiratory system; also opens the lymphatic and sinuses as well.  Breezey is especially useful for sinus/nose issues and Aspire is better suited for the throat and lungs. Mariah is a wonderful support for the entire respiratory system. It promotes the rebuilding of the lungs while helping to eliminate the virus and bacteria from the respiratory system.  Especially helpful against nasty strains like swine flu. Stefanie is another respiratory blend that helps rid the body of any anti-biotic resistant bacteria strains.  More powerful than Mariah in particularly nasty pneumonias or bronchitis.  Provides lasting relief and support with asthma as well.
Revitalize and/or Life Force are both good oils for improving energy levels during the illness and for helping the body re-gain strength and remove residual bacteria and toxins.  Revitalize supports the liver in processing and eliminating toxic residue from the invasion.  Life Force supports the adrenals and overall balancing of the parasympathetic system, i.e. takes you out of “flight-and-fight” mode so you can heal.Inside Out would be a must if there is any intestinal discomfort or diarrhea.  Helps ease pain and balances the digestive system.  Relaxes muscles, encourages correct bile flow, and stimulates proper digestion/absorption.

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