From Therapeutic Pure to Affordability: What makes Butterfly Express oils so special

Our focus is on producing great oils and educating people on their use.  We are able to keep costs low by not focusing on marketing with fancy billboards or using multi-level marketing.  People try the essential oils and know they have the real thing. “We are very picky about our oils and take into consideration […]

LIVE on YouTube with WCH: Coupon Code good Wed-Fri

This happened LIVE yesterday! So much fun discussing essential oils with my friend. Thanks Trisha Simmons for having me on your channel Willow Creek Homestead. Butterfly Express spontaneously came on and gave away a mini-starter kit. I LOVE working with BUTTERFLY EXPRESS!! Watch the video to receive the extra 10% off coupon for the sale […]

Down with superbugs: Herbal Antibiotics!

Bacteria which have grown resistant to antibiotics are now being called superbugs. They are becoming more numerous and more virulent thanks to the overuse of antibiotics. Herbs and herbal preparations however, can offer increasingly valuable alternatives for protection from these superbugs. In the early part of the 1940’s there was only approximately 64 pounds of […]

The Gut Brain Connection

The vagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve. It runs from your brain stem down to your abdomen. It basically connects your brain to your gut. A well-nourished gut can actually produce more serotonin than your brain. Optimizing your gut flora may have tremendous benefits, not only for your digestion, but for your mental health […]