bye bye nightmares… Hello Dreams

By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.”

Whether by Shakespeare or Ray Bradbury’s novel of the title, Something Wicked This Way Comes is about nightmares and dreams.  The novel is a fantastic examination of good vs. evil, youth, the supernatural, fear, and friendship.  Simply chilling and beautiful in one sumptuous sitting.  Course after course, the hunger grows as each poetic revelation is savored.  Like a bizarre tea party collapsing into a endless rabbit hole.  The delicious descent into blackness awakens the demons within.  What is to be done but an examination?  And then… to be buried alive again or laid to proper rest?  Ahh, that is not the question.  The real question is, can you make it out alive?

My 9 yr old son was horrifically abused and neglected for the first three years of his life.  When he came to us at the tender age of 4, he was developmentally the age of a 2 year old.  The strength and love in that child is beyond anything I’ve ever known.  There are demons though.  Many.  We work through them, one by one.  It is easier in the light of day sitting around the kitchen table as zucchini brownies disapper.  What isn’t so easy is the nighttime terrors, the dark fear of eventide.  How can a mother support a son in the dead of night?

Dreams.  It is part of the bed time routine now, putting on this blessed oil.  He always says, “Mom, can you put Dreams on me?”  When I ask how it helps him, he says, “I just sleep better”.  What I see is that he isn’t as afraid of the dark or going to sleep alone.  He isn’t continually getting out of bed to ask what a sound was.  The best part is that instead of nightmares, he can dream.  And he’s not alone.  It is one of our most popular oils because of its ability to help us work through and achieve our dreams.

Dreaming is essential for us.  It is how we work through contradictions in our heart and in our head.  It is how we move from a mundane survival mode to create an abundant life.  With Dreams Essential Oil, we are aided in completing our investigation and moving forward instead of getting sucked up into a downward, sideways, diagonal spiral of nothingness.  We seek completion.  We seek arrival.  Rest from your worries.  Lay your head down freely as you welcome a glorious future of hope.

And now, I can rest because I know he can rest.  Goodnight.

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