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The Gut Brain Connection

The vagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve. It runs from your brain stem down to your abdomen. It basically connects your brain to your gut. A well-nourished gut can actually produce more serotonin than your brain. Optimizing your gut flora may have tremendous benefits, not only for your digestion, but for your mental health […]

Support the Heart: Send REAL flowers instead of chocolates

The old saying, “Take time to smell the roses” is right on so many levels. Valentines Day is less than a week away!  Instead of sending flowers that die, send wild “herbal” flowers that will not only smell good but touch the heart, literally.  These essential oils support emotional, mental, and even physical concerns and pressures.  (A GREAT […]

How Essential Oils Work

The Key to Aiding Health Essential oils contain the nutritive values and healing properties of plants in a very concentrated, yet safe and easily utilized, form. One pound of plant material is distilled (or cold pressed for citrus) to produce ONE DROP of essential oil. Our health worn society needs the benefit of more plants and […]

Most Dangerous Food Additives

A new study just released at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference concludes that there could be some very negative consequences associated with artificial sugar substitutes, including aspartame.  One of the major risks is a much higher risk of strokes.  Researchers concluded, “This study suggests that diet soda is not an optimal substitute for […]

Tests and Standards for Therapeutic Oils

Do you want to assure Butterfly Express essential oils are pure, potent, and therapeutic? Below you will learn how Butterfly Express uses high integrity practices to produce quality oils. Understanding industry tests and standards is also important in understanding how Butterfly Express chooses suppliers and produces therapeutic grade oils. In short: they don’t play industry […]