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We offer 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, comparable to Young Living or DoTerra, at a fraction of the cost. Butterfy Express’s high quality and integrity practices make for the best oils without dealing in multi-level marketing distribution and overhead.

Tests and Standards for Therapeutic Oils

Do you want to assure Butterfly Express essential oils are pure, potent, and therapeutic? Below you will learn how Butterfly Express uses high integrity practices to produce quality oils. Understanding industry tests and standards is also important in understanding how Butterfly Express chooses suppliers and produces therapeutic grade oils. In short: they don’t play industry […]

From Therapeutic Pure to Affordability: What makes Butterfly Express oils so special

Our focus is on producing great oils and educating people on their use.  We are able to keep costs low by not focusing on marketing with fancy billboards or using multi-level marketing.  People try the essential oils and know they have the real thing. “We are very picky about our oils and take into consideration […]