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LIVE on YouTube with WCH: Coupon Code good Wed-Fri

This happened LIVE yesterday! So much fun discussing essential oils with my friend. Thanks Trisha Simmons for having me on your channel Willow Creek Homestead. Butterfly Express spontaneously came on and gave away a mini-starter kit. I LOVE working with BUTTERFLY EXPRESS!! Watch the video to receive the extra 10% off coupon for the sale […]

Support the Heart: Send REAL flowers instead of chocolates

The old saying, “Take time to smell the roses” is right on so many levels. Valentines Day is less than a week away!  Instead of sending flowers that die, send wild “herbal” flowers that will not only smell good but touch the heart, literally.  These essential oils support emotional, mental, and even physical concerns and pressures.  (A GREAT […]

How Essential Oils Work

The Key to Aiding Health Essential oils contain the nutritive values and healing properties of plants in a very concentrated, yet safe and easily utilized, form. One pound of plant material is distilled (or cold pressed for citrus) to produce ONE DROP of essential oil. Our health worn society needs the benefit of more plants and […]

Be Prepared: Flu Season is here

Whether it is a fever and a running nose, a cough and congestion, a headache and sinus pressure, or digestive difficulties, the flu bug can hit us and hit us hard.  We find ourselves reaching for anything to shut off the irritating symptoms without much success at actually getting better.  There is another way.  Instead […]

bye bye nightmares… Hello Dreams

“By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.” Whether by Shakespeare or Ray Bradbury’s novel of the title, Something Wicked This Way Comes is about nightmares and dreams.  The novel is a fantastic examination of good vs. evil, youth, the supernatural, fear, and friendship.  Simply chilling and beautiful in one sumptuous sitting.  Course […]