From Certified Pure to Affordability: What makes Butterfly Express oils so special

Our focus is on producing great oils and educating people on their use.  We are able to keep costs low by not focusing on marketing with fancy billboards or using multi-level marketing.  People try the essential oils and know they have the real thing.

“We are very picky about our oils and take into consideration environmental conditions, chemical additives, pesticide and insecticide use, and even harvest time, since these all affect the value of an essential oil. Pesticides and insecticides can be used on a plant and other chemicals can be used…and it will still meet testing standards of our competitors.”

Sharon, Butterfly Express LLC

Butterfly Express essential oils are 100% therapeutic grade. They are high quality essential oils that have been tested, certified, and approved. Our essential oils are captured from nature using careful steam distillation (as well as cold pressing for citrus oils). They also poroduce a few oil absolutes. Only the highest quality practices are used to ensure all plants and essential oils meet the standard to be claimed as Butterfly Express worthy.

We guarantee Butterfly Express essential oils are 100% certified pure and therapeutic.  Usually, such high quality oils are more costly because of overhead and profit motivations.  Or, on the other side of the spectrum, you have cheap stripped down oils which do little therapeutically, other than smell good.  Our customers attest that the quality of our essential oils is “just as good as”, if not better, than other brands (click here for comparison chart)Click here for more information on essential oil testing and standards of Butterfly Express and the essential oil industry in general.

We help you take $$$ out of picture so you can focus on your health. With such great essential oils, how is it Butterfly Express is so reasonably priced?  My friend Kathy writes about why Butterfly Express essential oils are both certified therapeutic AND affordable:

… If I can get a very high quality oil at an affordable price AND support a company with ethics and values that I agree with, then that’s the company that will get my business.”

She highlights three different areas companies focus on when setting a price point for their product (overhead, payroll, and profit) and how Butterfly Express differs from other mainstream companies:

“First, overhead.  Butterfly Express has a modest, but sufficient, office, warehouse, and factory in Clifton, Idaho. They don’t have expensive multi-level office space or international offices that need to be paid for.  That eliminates expenses that drive up the cost of the essential oils.

Second, payroll.  Butterfly Express is not a multi-level manufacturer.  As with all things, the closer you get to the source, the less expensive the product. …They have employees and distributors.  That’s it. …There aren’t six other people between you and the owner who each need to make a profit.

Third, profit, or as I like to call it – intent.  The intent of Butterfly Express is really what makes this company as wonderful as it is.  The intent of the owners is not to become multi-millionaires.  …They sell essential oils because they know they work, and they want others to benefit from them just as they have.  Essential oils have saved their lives – literally – and they want to share that with others.

Read the full article (and comments!)

Wonderfully put, Kathy!  I love working with Butterfly Express.  I love their essential oils; they have helped me and my family many times as well.  Their intent to bless others is evident in everything they do and produce.  I hope you will have a good experience with Butterfly Express as well.  We are excited to help you do so, even MORE affordably with our 10% off online store.

Click here to visit the Butterfly Express LLC website.

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