HEALTH TIP: The Healing Effects of Calendula

Calendula oil is a fixed oil. This means that calendula flower blossom petals are placed in almond oil and allowed to infuse for several weeks. At the end of that time, the blossoms are strained off. The result is a wonderful fixed oil that can be used for a variety of things, most importantly for issues pertaining to the skin.

Some of the benefits of using calendula oil include: moisturizing and soothing cracked, dry skin, insect bites, scars, swelling, rashes, and hives; eczema and psoriasis, increases collagen production, leg ulcers and bed sores that won’t heal, hemorrhoids.

Calendula is a great oil to use as a carrier oil when you are applying essential oils topically. Using the appropriate essential oil, coupled with the healing properties of calendula fixed oil, will provide you with a “double whamy” of healing.

Some examples: Use with BabyMe for diaper rash or stretch marks. Use with AgeLess for a wonderful facial conditioner. Use with MelaPlus or Purify on insect bites. Use with Deeper for the pain for shingles; use with helichrysum on recent injuries to prevent or at least minimize scarring.

The benefits of calendula are many. As we head into the spring and summer we will be exposing our skin to more of the damaging elements outside. Be prepared with protect and heal your skin with calendula oil.

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