How Essential Oils Work

The Key to Aiding Health
Essential oils contain the nutritive values and healing properties of plants in a very concentrated, yet safe and easily utilized, form. One pound of plant material is distilled (or cold pressed for citrus) to produce ONE DROP of essential oil. Our health worn society needs the benefit of more plants and herbs in our diet and lives. The therapeutic value of essential oils is well documented and widely used, even for centuries or millenia. And you don’t need to have a PhD in how to use them. A brief study of their them will, literally, change your life exponentially as you implement a habit of applying them everyday. It is easy, truly a small and simple thing with dramatic benefits. 

What essential oils do
Essential oils heal on many levels (body, mind, and/or spirit) by regenerating damaged tissue, bringing oxygen to deprived cells, improving overall immune function, and through a multitude of other processes as detailed below. *Essential oils…

  •  raise the frequency (energy) of the body essential oils they are have measurably high frequencies, even several times greater than the frequency of herbs and food.
  • … are all antibaterial, antifungal, antifungal, antitumoral, antiparasitic, and antiseptic – some essential oils are more than others.
  • … like frankinsense, cedarwood, ginger, and yarrow (among many others) are high in sesquiterpenes which cross the blood/brain barrier. The AMA (American Medical Association) determined that if they could find an agent that would pass the blood/brain barrier, they would be able to cure alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • … are aromatic or volatile, meaning their small molecules are diffused into the air and absorbed into our bodies via the respiratory system. Essential oils also purify the air.
  • … are quickly absorbed through the skin and are transported, via the blood, to the needed internal organs as explained in Hilton’s Law of Physics. Massage therapy works by this principle as well.
  • transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, especially important to cells so undernourished they are diseased or with hardened cell walls <– essential oils will penetrate!
  • … are cytophylactic (most of them), meaning essential oils stimulate the growth of new cells following damage from burns, surgeries, wounds, etc.
  • … are rubefacient, meaning they activate capillary circulation, especially needful for diabetics.
  • … are expectorants to some degree, meaning essential oils cause mucous to become more fluid and mor
    e easily expelled.
  • … have a cleansing effect on the whole human system helping to remove toxins, debris, and foreign matter OUT.
  • … are powerful antioxidants neutralizing free radicals.
  • … is great for skin care; skin IS our largest organ.
  • … are adaptogenic, for the most part, meaning essential oils help to bring about a state of balance. Something too high? They will help lower it. To low? They will stimulate it.
  • … help to release emotional trauma stored in the amygdala, which is stimulated by the sense of smell and our thoughts.
  • … are considered the life force/energy of the plant and are used for health care in many parts of the world and finally catching on in the United States.
  • … respond to words, thoughts, and prayer as documented in the study conducted by Bruce Tainio, where the frequence of oils were raised or decreased based on participants thoughts. Anecdotal evidence show that oils also amplify our intent. So, yes, they are living things. (Similar studies have been done on plants, and even water.

Essential oils can be blended together to produce synergy or blended oils (with a common name, like Deliverance). These are the most popular and favorable because the single essential oils work together in synergy to produce a greater whole and effect. Essential oil blends are great for the layman as they have less cautions, as the single oils balance each other out. Browse/ Shop for Blended Oils

What We Recommend
Always use therapeutic grade essential oil, which is undiluted and unadultured. Essential oil is absorbed into the body and in the blood within 30 seconds. The lavender in your favorite drug store lotion is a perfume that has been stripped from the essential oil and does not have the above benefits. Therefore, you want essential oils made from the finest ingredients produced from a company with integrity, like Butterfly Express (to learn more about them, read this post).

We love using and offering Butterfly Express Essential Oils at 10% off retail. With over 200 products in 10 ml to 4 oz sizes, there is something for everyone – Visit Our Store. You can search by health concern or ailment or keyword and then learn in depth about different oils. Young Living is well known for their products yet the price is outrageous. Our customers have commented that Butterfly Express Essential Oils are very comparable to their’s. To learn more on how to use essential oils, visit our Uses and Application Page.

*Information in this article was gleaned from
Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils:  Empowering Yourself
by LaRee Westover

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