HVC Tea (Honey-Vinegar-Cayenne)

This drink can be used cold to stop bleeding and shock; but it is absolutely wonderful taken warm for sore throats, fighting the flu, and for just warming up on a cold afternoon.

Using a cayenne tincture makes it easier to ingest a larger quantity then if trying to stir in powdered cayenne to your tea. The tincturing process concentrates the properties and allows the liquid to be dispersed throughout the whole tea, not just floating on the top or settling to the bottom.

Cayenne is the #1 stimulant herb. It is the purest and most powerful of all the medicinal herbs, helping to rebuild vein structures, remove plaque from veins and increase the overall circulation. Studies have shown that cayenne, used warm, reduces blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as preventing blood clots.

The recipe for HVC is:
4 Tbsp. honey
4 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
40 drops of cayenne tincture (until spicy for you)
1 quart water


  • work up to 1-2 cups a day
  • hot: increase circulation, detox, colds, etc.
  • cold: stopping a hemorrhage

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