Power of Intent

Essential oils are the best way to “get your herbs” because the vibrational energy and nutritional components of the herb is captured in the oil after carefully distilling it.  Then, after application, they are absorbed into the body and are carried by the blood to their needed destination.  Research has found it takes only 10 minutes for the properties of the oil to be in the blood.

Science aside (I was a physics teacher), essential oils contain the wonderful benefits of healing that God made for man.  He knows his creations, including our body.  We do not need to understand our physiology or anatomy to begin to experience healing.  We do not need to know the why behind health conditions.  We do not need to know much about herbs or oils for them to work.  We have a choice though, which God will respect.  If it is our will, and his will, healing can take place.

So, what is our part?  To ask.  To act.  To receive.  That’s it.  He will order everything else for our good.  We become co-creators with God through faith or the power of intent.

You are probably doing this without even realizing it.  The driving power behind any action is intent.  So it is with oils as well.  You have a need and reach for an oil.  Intent.  You can magnify your intent through the following ways:

  1. Prayer
  2. Fasting or sacrificing harmful habits
  3. Be in gratitude for everything
  4. Letting go and letting God be the healer

Another way to magnify the intent of the oil is to allow a trusted individual to serve you and put them on your feet.  Relax.  Let the oil affect the energy meridian endpoints to their deepest level, accepting the blessings of healing that will come.

You are a child of the greatest being in the universe, who is full of grace and truth.  You are his.  He knows you and your every thought and need.  Let him in.  For “[his] yoke is easy and [his] burden is light”.  (Matt. 11:28-30, KJV Bible)

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