Support the Heart: Send REAL flowers instead of chocolates

The old saying, “Take time to smell the roses” is right on so many levels.

Valentines Day is less than a week away!  Instead of sending flowers that die, send wild “herbal” flowers that will not only smell good but touch the heart, literally.  These essential oils support emotional, mental, and even physical concerns and pressures.  (A GREAT alternative to chocolates, which will have the opposite effect on the heart.) Essential oils that help the heart become balanced, both physically and emotionally would include:Vitality, Kadence, HeartSong, Sego Lily, Believe, Beloved, Benediction, Grace, Grateful Heart, neroli, rose, jasmine.  This list could be much more extensive, depending upon which aspect of the imbalanced heart you were addressing.

Moonlight – a potent aphrodisiac. It sets a mood of connection to and appreciation for your romantic partner. Moonlight adds to the delight you feel in the sensual and passionate side of your lives together and creates emotional depth and bonding.

The Heart By Sharon Moran of Butterfly Express:

The heart has been used as a symbol to reflect our feelings and emotions for centuries.  When we fall in love, we say our heart “flutters”.  When we are rejected, our heart “breaks”.  We refer to people who are cold as “heart-less” and when someone is especially caring, we call them “big-hearted”. We “take things to heart” when we are emotionally connected to them and we love “from the bottom of our heart”. Deb Shapiro, in her book Your Body Speaks Your Mind, states, “The heart is more than just the center of love, it is also the center of your being, the place you point to when you talk about yourself.  When you say, “You have touched my heart,” you are really saying, “You have touched the deepest part of my being.”  The Native Americans, when they first met the white man, are known to have said how strange it was that,“The white man thinks with his head instead of his heart.” Our emotional heart needs to be nourished and respected for us to feel loved.  Fear can close our heart so we become unable to feel or express our feelings to ourselves and others.  Love is shared when the heart is open and balanced.

Our heart, continually pumping blood throughout our bodies, keeps us alive.  Our heart lies in the center of our chest, the center of our being.   When the physical heart is struggling, certain warning signs are given in order for us to readjust our lifestyle in an attempt to bring it back into balance.  One of the major warning signs of a heart imbalance is a heartbeat that does not return back to normal after moderate stress.  This can be a sign that stress, fear and anxiety are affecting our lives in a negative manner.  Angina or a tightness in the chest is a result of tight and restricted blood vessels.  On the emotional side, this can equate to an emotional state that is uptight or hindered.  A tightening of the chest, and heart, can be a warning sign that we are ignoring our own needs and are unable to express our feelings.  Our heart is trying to tell us to soften and to lose the inner tightness that is so constricting. Heart attacks are a major concern in the Western world.  The incidence of heart attacks has approximately doubled every 20 years since 1900.  A heart attack is a blockage of a heart vessel so that the heart is cut off from blood and the life giving oxygen it carries.  Some of the risk factors for heart attacks are overwork, excess pressure and stress.  Certainly dietary habits play a significant role in heart disease.  Another way to view these risk factors in the emotional arena would be to say that they limit the amount of time one takes for personal relaxation and loving relationships.  A heart attack implies that the heart is under attack from a build-up of unexpressed emotions or a resistance to opening the heart to love.  Warning signs are a way that the heart is trying to get your attention to fix these imbalances in both your physical and emotional bodies.  Either way you want to look at these risk factors, they all point to a lifestyle lacking in self-love and relaxation. Excerpt from Butterfly Expressions February Newsletter 2012

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