Oh wow, this smells even better than Valor!!! Many thanks for the fast ship et al!

J James Black / Easy Health Solutions

I am glad I found someone who can provide quality healthy oils at an affordable price! Thank you!

Gloria Roberts / Australia

Item was shipped fast and well packed. You have been helpful and quick to respond. I will be back!

Lynda Hollohan / Canada

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Karen Simpson says:

    Beautiful oils very crisp clear fragrances, deffinately comparable to young living oils and their frequency and vibrational level.

    I will certainly purchase more oils with you again soon.

    Warm Regards,

  2. Linda Cichocki says:

    Very nice oils good quality! and a better price than most others!
    My last order was very quick to arrive and was nicely packed. they are very efficient and caring! I will definately be back!
    Best blessings,

  3. fred pfeiffer says:

    DEar Butterfly Guys and Gals, I have traveled the sea of oils and smelt the breeze of many a supplier and have found safe harbor in your beautiful oils. I am happy to say that after trying all suppliers I have made your blends part of my daily work and joy.I am a body talker and find that combined with a beautiful blend of oil the innate wisdom is ever more focused on the healing spirit of the intention. 🙂 THus the tapping sequence is smooth and aroma completes it. Bodytalk is a modality all its own and works to reconnect the short circuits you talk about in your well spoken oil info.EO s blends are the energetic frequency that pushes forward the intention of the healing.There is a way I tell if someones oils are true ,pure , and clean. The longer an oil or blend stays around the purer,the uplift of spirit the truer and if I can apply anywhere on my body and smell it in my nose in 20 mins. You hit all three, pass this on to those who procure the oils I salute you. Thanks I just put in the go for it order. Namaste. Fred Pfeiffer

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