Tests and Standards for Therapeutic Oils

Do you want to assure Butterfly Express essential oils are pure, potent, and therapeutic? Below you will learn how Butterfly Express uses high integrity practices to produce quality oils. Understanding industry tests and standards is also important in understanding how Butterfly Express chooses suppliers and produces therapeutic grade oils.

Read this article to glean more information and understand how (and why) Butterfly Express makes quality essential oils that are affordable.

From Certified Pure to Affordability: What makes Butterfly Express oils so special

Testing and standards of essential oils is very complex. ISO Standards (the most common) for essential oils may be incorrectly correlated with the therapeutic benefits of various oils tested. In other words, it would be unwise to assume that an essential oil is therapeutic and offers health benefits because they fall within ISO parameters.

Marge Clark, owner of Nature’s Gift, had two samples of peppermint independently tested, one from the US and one from India; the results offered some interesting insight between her two samples:

The ISO standard is based on a rectified oil, designed for large quantity commercial grade oils. Our USA midwestern peppermint is exactly that, a commercial grade oil. It passed. The Indian oil is unrectified, straight from the still, what aromatherapy practitioners claim to want. The ISO specifications are designed for commercial grade oils, not pure, natural unrectified oils. We have a commercially produced rectified product that passed with flying colors and a certified organic small (boutique) producer whose essential oil did not. I would hope your readers can draw their own conclusions.

What does she mean by a “rectified oil”? For some commercial grade oils, when essential oils are first distilled they are rectified with a specialized vacuum to improve smell and remove unsatisfactory, like weedy, overtones. Pure and natural oils straight from the still are not rectified. Butterfly Express works directly with trusted “boutique” companies/farms, some which they’ve worked with for several decades, that produce true therapeutic grade essential oils that are NOT rectified.

In short, ISO standards do not provide a correct picture of purity and potency. Rest assured, Butterfly Express buys certified pure and therapeutic essential oils that have been tested and proved as such. However, understand that the true therapeutic nature of essential oils cannot be proven by testing (see article below). As a second precaution, Butterfly Express personally tests essential oils from suppliers before it is bottled, labeled, and shipped. The quality of Butterfly Express essential oils is mostly proven in the experience of our customers.

For more information about testing and standards, as well as how Butterfly Express chooses it’s suppliers, read the following article from the book “Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils” by LaRee Westover, founder of Butterfly Express and essential oil/herbal expert. You can purchase her book on Amazon or purchase it on our site here.

This article has been posted with permission from Butterfly Express LLC.

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