Vitamins from Canada

Have you ever heard of the blood type diet? I had years ago. It is funny how I have already been avoiding gluten and dairy, because it made me feel better, when a doctor told me type Os, like me, do better off them. I love a good validation.

Oh Canada! What a beautiful country we were able to visit a few weeks ago. Here we are visiting Stanley Park in Vancouver, CA. Don’t you think we’re adorable? When you are normally landlocked, being by the ocean just makes you sparkle.

We drove 2 days with 4 kids to stay for an appointment with Maryanne, a blood specialist who treats imbalance and disease in the body with diet and supplement. We were surprised by how much she could tell by looking in our eyes as well as at our hands and tongue. It wasn’t until she examined our blood under a microscope, she began to “read” it to us and explain why were experiencing pain and disease.

So, with “blood type diet” food recommendations in hand and a load of supplements prescribed for our individual needs, we drove back home with lighter hearts and determined minds. We had answers and a plan. Most of all, we have each other and hope in a dream of self-reliance for our health and our finances. It feels good to be united and reaching our dreams together.

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