Yarrow – The Different Kinds

Having yarrow essential oil in your first aid kit is a must. It can be used in such a wide variety of ways to heal the body when it is suffering from a long list of imbalances.

When trying to decide which yarrow to use for what, I use the following criteria. The greener yarrow, with the less amount of azulene, has better hormone balancing properties. It is the one used in the blends Balance and Cypernium.

The blue yarrow, with the higher azulene content, is exceptional for wound healing and blood coagulation. Blue yarrow is added to the blend Vallee. It is generally more highly sought after as a single.

Green yarrow does not contain as high a percentage of azulene and chamazulene as does the blue yarrow. The higher percentage of these components in blue yarrow is the result of the higher temperature and the length of time that it is distilled.

Achillea millefolium, commonly known as yarrow, gets its name from the Greek hero Achilles. The plant is also referred to as Wound Wort or Soldier’s Wort. These names give you a good idea of the things that yarrow would be good for – pretty much any malady that would befall a soldier during battle, such as cuts, bruises, bumps and contusions. Achilles is said to have used the herb to heal himself and his fellow soldiers after battles.

Yarrow can be distilled to produce an essential oil. Both blue and green yarrow essential oils are distilled from achillea millefolium. The obvious difference between these two oils is the color. During the steam distillation of the herb, a compound called matricine, is converted to azulene or chamazulene. This gives the blue yarrow oil its distinctive blue color. Azulene and chamazulene are not present in the actual plant. It is only through the application of heat and the process of steam distillation that azulene and chamazulene develop.

Yarrow essential oil, either blue or green, is truly a wonderful healing oil and should be in everyone’s first response kit. While both oils have a great many similarities, there are a few differences between the two. In general, yarrow essential oils are strongly antiseptic. Both the blue and green yarrow oils are exceptional anti-inflammatories, no matter where in the body the inflamation is occurring.

Yarrow essential oil is also very astringent. This makes in very helpful for things such as dandruff and hair loss, skin elasticity, and for firming sagging skin. Yarrow has the ability to aid in wound healing by pulling the edges of a wound together for better and more appropriate healing.

Yarrow is an excellent oil for the female reproductive system when astringency and a mild hormonal action is necessary, such as with ovarian cysts and uterine fibroid tumors.

Yarrow essential oil helps improve digestion by stimulating the secretion of bile. It helps to restore the liver to more proper functioning. It can also act on the bone marrow to stimulate the creation of new red blood cells and enhance the coagulation of the blood. These properties make yarrow essential oil useful when treating diseases such as diabetes and even cancer.

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